Ontems 87 Sea Salt Birds Eye Profile View
Ontems 87 Sea Salt Front View
Ontems 87 Sea Salt Skewed Front View
Ontems 87 Sea Salt Heel and Profile View
Ontems 87 Sea Salt High Angle Profile View
Ontems 87 Sea Salt Profile View
Ontems 87 Sneakers Sea Salt
87 Sea Salt
87 Sea Salt

87 Sea Salt

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The 87 Sea Salt is our classic white model. GOTS certified reinforced organic cotton upper. Flexible, durable textured natural rubber sole. 100% breathable German microfiber insole and interlining. Premium small batch production. Handmade in Portugal.  

*Wide feet go a half size up.

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87 Sea Salt Profile View

Silhouette speaks

Minimal, comfortable silhouette that effortlessly grips the foot. 

87 Sea Salt Flexible


Limber, resistant, reinforced organic cotton upper and natural rubber sole.

87 Sea Salt Sneaker Top View

Rejoice in breathability

Our microfiber interlining, and natural canvas sneakers provide better air circulation. This absorbs and removes moisture from feet, and cools the skin. 

87 Sea Salt Sneaker Vegan

Vegan :)

Soft canvas sneakers, no leather, no plastics. 

Textured Cotton Canvas For Sneaker

Textured cotton

GOTS certified organic upper.

Reinforced Canvas Sneaker Layers

Reinforced layers

An extra layer of reinforcement adds to more durable upper.

87 Sneaker Front View

Break free from over branding

Beautiful, low profile patterned cotton with an uninterrupted tongue piece.

87 Sneaker Stable Toe Cap


Robust toe cap for less creasing that maintains long term shape.

87 Sneaker Sole

Waves for your soul

Rubber is biodegradable and more durable than many of the "high tech" sole units being developed today.