Care and Handling

Proper care and handling is a vital step to maintaining your sneakers optimal function and brilliance. A few simple steps, performed as often as you deem fitting, can help bring out the best in your Ontems. 

Simple sneaker maintenance routine

Laces - remove and soak in hot, soapy water, and then wash in a bag with delicates on a light washing machine cycle. Hang dry, and return to shoes  after shoe maintenance is complete.


Spot Check - If available, use a damp lint-free microfiber cloth. Otherwise use a cleaning towel or rag to lift and remove light stains and dirt on the canvas. Dampen an old sponge, or toothbrush to work over the natural rubber soles.

Deep Clean - Apply a natural, foamy, non-toxic cleaner to an old toothbrush, build up a rich foam lather.  Wipe with towel and repeat. Dab dry any damp areas with a clean towel.

Air Dry - Nature is your friend. No dryers needed here. Let your Ontems' dry naturally on a windowsill or well ventilated area. Some choose to spray on an extra layer of waterproof coating. 

Storage - Store in a dry, non humid area free of direct sunlight. Or, use included shoe bag. :)

Wear them - Shoes are made for wearing, enjoying, living in.