Something different

We see product design and environmental considerations working in harmony to build better sneakers. Our design process informs how and where our shoes are made -- and vice versa. This means that in addition to the standard design criteria (such as ergonomic, functional, or technical), we take into account diverse environmental impacts for the entire sneaker across its life cycle. For us this translates into clean designs, high quality, and meaningful environmental commitments.

Old world know how and efficient, clean production need not clash but instead can work in unison, to craft beautiful, well made, technologically advanced sneakers with natural materials. We believe there is still a place for hand lasted, handmade canvas sneakers. 

We view sustainability as a process. We are always working towards improvement from shoelaces to packaging. We see footwear as a mechanism for meaningful change. 

Heritage and craft

Done the old way. Hand cut patterns by skilled craftsman.

Facing, bending and hammering

Processes we relish yet rarely seen in mass produced footwear. They provide thinner more resilient fabric for jointing. 

Stiched sole

An extra step to give that added durability to the cement process.

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