Ontems sneakers are handmade in Portugal without the use of added plastics, leathers, or animal products. We use natural materials that are durable and, at the end of their lifecycle, have a faster process of either biodegradability or less resource intensive up-cycling.

Canvas has always been the most enlightened sneaker selection. Long chosen by greats from ancient monks to martial arts legends, it is unpretentious, natural, breathable, efficient, and technical on the foot with better ergonomic functionality. But somewhere along the line, canvas became disparaged. We are bringing high quality, well designed, honest canvas footwear back into the spotlight.

We pay a premium for organic cotton, more per square foot than leather. Our organic cotton is grown using methods that have a lower environmental impact, are less water intensive, work to maintain and replenish the fertility levels of soil, reduce the use of fertilizers and pesticides, and help to reconstruct biologically diverse agricultural production systems when compared with traditional cotton.

Can natural materials be durable? Absolutely. Through wear trials and closed scientific testing for mechanical properties our footwear held strong. We rigorously test our materials using the latest technology in the industry for tearing, abrasion, and dynamic stability. 

Early Steps in Crafting 87 Matcha Mint Sneakers
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